IMI Referentie

Mrs. Ida Landeweer, mediator since 2008, has worked for our organization (Van Opstal & partners, mediation, coaching and training) as a mediator in labour conflicts since April 2011. Since then we have offered her 94 mediations. Some mediations are still in progress, some had to be suspended because of an external situation and some did not start after intakes (due to several reasons).

She has concluded 84 mediations, 78 succesfully, with an agreement, which is a success rate of 93%. This is a very high rate considering we deal almost only with complex, escalated labour conflicts. Also remarkable is the fact that of 78 succesfully finished mediations, 42 ended in a so-called 'exit-mediation' and 36 were successful in the context of a continuation of the labour relationship: the employee went back to his or her work. Remarkable, since in our field about 70% of all mediations end in an exit-mediation. In her case the result is just 54%.

These results indicate that she has an exceptional ability to truly reconcile people.

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