After each mediation we send feedback forms to the mediation parties. In 2013 around 29% is sent back to us, with an average of 7.7 (on a scale of 1-10). We received 19 feedback forms in regards to Mrs. Landeweer. As far as her performance is concerned her average score is 8.1 and 3 parties gave her the maximum of a 10. This is a really good result. In general parties in mediation are not so inclined to give compliments, especially not in exit-mediation, since results are, of course, hardly ever fully satisfying for both parties.

Most of the 'feedbackers' have recommended Mrs. Landeweer as mediator. Often mentioned are her calmness, respectfulness and professionalism and, also, her efficiency. She definitely has developed her own successful style of mediation, very adequate for the difficult labour conflicts we are dealing with in our business.

Mr. Lambert H.J.M. Van Opstal
Owner/director Van Opstal & partners